A Galactic Whooping

Well folks, up and until now this site has celebrated the more pleasant side of space travel. Yet, every space system has its own species of predatory thugs that the captain has done a nice job avoiding. This all changed during his recent sojourns; the captain came across a Ziggy from the Red Bank system, and this cat was no joke, take a look for yourself.

5 Responses to “A Galactic Whooping”

  1. Jonah says:

    All Ziggy ever wanted was to express his love and admiration for the good Captain.

  2. George says:

    Good thing for Ziggy that I wasn’t there!

    — GB

  3. Ziggy's mom says:

    Well, as Ziggy’s mom I have to offer a defense. He is Jesse’s son. It’s not his fault that the way he attempts to befriend people is by throwing them on the ground and pummeling them. That’s pretty much how our first date went.

  4. Jimmy says:


    To quote Mr. O’Hare, “You can take the boy out of Baldwin, but never Baldwin out of the boy!” No defense is in order for Ziggy, it is the source we must address and for that piece of work I have some ideas …

  5. Ziggy's pop-pop says:

    Of course I have to defend the Zigmeister. He was clearly apologetic after the “tackle”. Additionally, however, I am compelled to want to know more about Ziggy’s mom’s response about this being similar to her first date with my notorious son-in-law.

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